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Keeping in Touch

Things you need to know to ensure your Aruba visit is enjoyable and all you want it to be. Included here is information about Entry and Customs Regulations, Driving, Traffic Signs used on the Island, Health Care, Money, Staying in Touch and Island Transportation.

Landline Telephone
Using the telephone in Aruba is very simple, so travelers should not encounter any major communication problems. To call Aruba from the United States, dial the international access code (011), then the country code (297), then dial the seven-digit local number. Local numbers in Aruba start with two digits, most likely 58. To make outgoing international calls, remember to first dial the proper code (00). (800) numbers are not toll-free numbers, so the international rate applies. An excellent resource for taking care of telecommunications needs is the Servicio di Telecomunicacion di Aruba (SETAR). It provides a host of options for phone service in Aruba.

Only the five-digit local number is needed for local calls. Pay phones are located throughout the island and cost 25 cents for local call but also are capable of making international calls for a larger fee. They accept phone cards as well as local currency.

Certain phones can connect with long-distance providers based in the United States. For AT&T subscribers, dialing 800-8000 from special phones allows you access to dial long distance for a nominal fee. However, dial 121 to use an AT&T calling card or make a collect call via a SETAR representative. Travelers also may opt to visit a SETAR office to place a long distance call or utilize SETAR's resources. This option will save you money, especially when you consider the cost of making a phone call on the island, a somewhat pricey $1.50(USD) per minute. SETAR telephones operate with credit or calling cards.

Your cell phone will work on the island but check on roaming charges. GSM phones will work in Aruba only if you have an unlocked SIM phone. Contact your local service provider before traveling to Aruba. You may rent a cell phone or purchase a SIM card right at the airport in the arrivals terminal at Setar or Digicel. A deposit and proper identification is required when renting a phone. Repeat visitors may consider the purchase of an inexpensive cell phone instead of renting. Teleshops are also located in the hotel area.

With Wi-Fi Aruba, you can get high-speed wireless internet access at virtually all hotels, resorts and many hotspots around the island including restaurants and bars.

At a Wi-Fi hotspot location simply start your computer, open your web browser and click on any website. You will be connected to Wi-Fi Aruba and presented with a login screen where you can enter the code from a pre-purchased card or enter your credit card information for immediate access. Pre-purchased cards are available at any hotspot location.

Many hotels and resorts also have 100mbps wired Ethernet available in rooms. The access procedure is the same as for wireless.

For technical support you may contact the SETARNET Helpdesk at (+297) 583 4000

Internet Cafe
There are several Internet cafes throughout the island that provide access to the Internet for fee of about $5 an hour.

Postal Mail
The use of postal mail to or from Aruba is not recommended. It can take up to 3 weeks for first class mail in either direction to be delivered.