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Entry & Customs

Things you need to know to ensure your Aruba visit is enjoyable and all you want it to be. Included here is information about Entry and Customs Regulations, Driving, Traffic Signs used on the Island, Health Care, Money, Staying in Touch, Marriage Requirements, Residence, Work & Student Permits and Island Transportation.

Travel to Aruba from the USA, Canada, South America, Europe and the Caribbean is available via most major carriers, either non-stop or with convenient connections. A current passport is required. American, Canadian, and EU citizens do not require visas, nor do most South Americans: e.g. Colombia & Venezuela.

All requirements are subject to change without notice.

A tourist is defined as someone who travels to Aruba for one of the following purposes: vacation and relaxation, sport, health reasons, family matters, study, religious purposes or a business visit. During their stay in Aruba tourists are not allowed to work.

Upon arrival in Aruba a tourist must have:
  • A passport that is valid upon entry and for the duration of stay in Aruba. If the tourist holds a passport from a visa required country (list A), he must have a valid visa sticker in his passport
  • A completely filled-in and signed Embarkation and Disembarkation card (ED-card)
  • A valid return or onward ticket
  • The necessary documents for returning to the country of origin or to a country that he has the right to enter, for example a valid residence permit (temporary or permanent), a re-entry permit or an entry visa
  • If so requested, the tourist has to be able to prove to the satisfaction of the imigration officer that he has a valid reservation for an accommodation in Aruba (e.g. hotel or apartment) or that he owns property in Aruba (a residence, condominium, apartment, timeshare apartment or a pleasure yacht moored in Aruba with a length of at least 14 meters measured on the water line)
  • If so requested, the tourist has to be able to prove to the satisfaction of the imigration officer to dispose of adequate financial means to provide for hotel expenses (if applicable) and living expenses during his stay or that he has a declaration of guarantee from a legal resident of Aruba.

The final authorization for admission to Aruba remains with immigration officer at the port of entry. The imigration authorities at the port of entry have the authority to grant or refuse admission. Admission can be refused if not all admission requirements are fulfilled by the time of entering Aruba or if the individual has been blacklisted.

For detailed information about visas or entry requirements that may apply to your particular situation, please see Detailed Entry Requirements

Import regulations:
Free import by non-residents older than 15 years (residents may import half the duty free quantities). If more is imported the whole quantity is charged a duty.
  • 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars
  • 1 litre of distilled beverages or 2.25 litres of wine or 3 litres beer
  • Gift articles up to a value of AWG 100.00
  • No restrictions on perfume
  • The importation of leather articles from Haiti is not advisable
  • If the total value of the goods per passenger exceeds AWG 500.00, declaration should be made on customs forms and cleared at the freight department

Pets and Animals:
To protect public health within Aruba, importers who bring pets to Aruba must make sure that they comply with local laws and regulations. The Veterinary Service of Aruba enforces the regulations on the importation of dogs and cats into Aruba. Entry may be refused if pets arrive from certain countries or without a pre-approval issued by the Veterinary Service of Aruba. Pets from Central and South America are not allowed into Aruba. To avoid issues and unnecessary delay at local customs due to improper documentation of your pet, or your pet being sent back to your country, always, prior to travel, contact the Veterinary Service of Aruba (vetservice@aruba.gov.aw) at the Department of Public Health Aruba, to make sure entry of your pet into Aruba is allowed.
Important: Many hotels & resorts do not accept pets. Check the pet policy at your chosen hotel.

Currency Import Regulations:
There are no import restictions on local (Aruban Florin-AWG) and foreign currencies except Dutch and Surinam silver are prohibited.

Currency Export Regulations:
There are no restrictions on local (Aruban Florin-AWG) and foreign currencies but travellers bound for the United States must declare cash and/or negotiable paper in excess of US$10,000 at United States Customs.

Work Visas:
If you wish to work in Aruba for at least a few months, you are required to have a formal working permit or residence permit issued by the Ministry of Justice/Department of Immigration and Naturalization (DINA). You must have a job lined up, and your employer is responsible for your permit application.
To enter Aruba on a work visa, you must submit all of the aforementioned documents, as well as an official employment letter that states your salary, position, hours, and guarantee of employment. Work permits will be granted to people with special skills that they cannot find within Aruba.

Permanent Residence Permit:
If applying for a residence permit without a work permit, you must submit the following:

  • Proof of funds
  • Home and business address for the last ten years
  • Reasons for wanting to stay in Aruba
  • Certificate of good conduct through police records
  • Valid passport
  • 3 passport photos
  • Vaccination certificate for smallpox
  • Medical certificate
  • Appropriate Fees

Student Visa
To be a student in Aruba, you must go through two different processes.
Before arriving in Aruba, you must submit the following:

  • DINA Form
  • Copy of passport
  • 4 passport photos
  • Original birth certificate and Apostille
  • Original Police Certificate and Apositille
DINA will then assign an Inflight Permission document to allow entry to Aruba on a student visa.
Once in Aruba, you must submit the following:
  • Medical clearance certificate
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of medical tests
  • Student fee

Please contact dimas@aruba.gov.aw for more information.

In order to be married in Aruba both parties must be at least 18 yours old and must present the following documentation to the Office of Civil Registry, Schoolstraat 2, Oranjestad, Aruba, Phone 583 4400, Fax 583 9160, Email at least 30 days prior to the desired wedding date.

  • Long Form Birth Certificate for bride & groom.
  • Apostle (1 each for bride and groom), this is a document authenticating the signature of the clerk that issued the birth certificate. For U.S. Citizens long form birth certificate, apostle and negative statement of marriage are obtained at the bureau of Vital Statistics located in the department of health, in the U.K apostles for the Birth certificates are obtained at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Canada apostles for the Birth Certificate are obtained at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or at the "Consulate General" in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver.
  • Negative Statement of marriage for both sides (a document proves that both parties are single and eligible to be married).
  • Letter of Intent for both bride and Groom to be married.
  • If Divorced, 1st and last page of divorce decree for bride and/or groom
  • If Widowed, copy of death certificate for bride and/or groom
  • Copy of passport picture page or a copy of a valid I.D. for bride and groom
  • For Witnesses: (When bringing your own) copy of valid I.D. or copy of passport picture page. Copy of birth certificate (minimum 2 and Maximum 4 witnesses can be present for each couple. Witnesses must be 18 years or older)
  • The legal wedding certificate has to be translated then sealed before it can be taken back to country of residence/citizenship for register.
  • All legal Documents must be sent via courier 30 days prior to wedding date.
  • Proper attire is required at the civil town hall. No shorts, beach slippers or cut.offs. Full wedding attire is acceptable but not a must.

Different churches and ministries have different requirements for a religious wedding ceremony in Aruba. Some of these are as follows:

Catholic Church Requirements:
Please be advised that you should call the Office of Civil Registry or one of the local Catholic churches prior coming to Aruba, for these procedures are on hold until review of procedures is complete.
1) St. Francisco's Parish Church, Irausquinplein 3, Oranjestad, Aruba Tel: (297) 582-1434
2) St. Anna Parish Church . Noord 16, Oranjestad, Aruba Tel: (297) 587.1409 (Fax: (297) 587-8554)
The minimum donation to the church is US $70. No Catholic weddings can be held outside of the church building.

  • Proof that the prospective bride and groom have attended pre.marriage preparation.
  • Permission from their priest to get married in Aruba.
  • An official declaration from their local priest stating that neither party has been previously married in a church.
  • Copy of Wedding Certificate showing that they have been legally married in their home country.
  • Baptismal and Confirmation certificates of both parties as well as copies of their passports or I.D. Cards.
  • The proposed wedding must take place inside the church building.
  • All documents must be submitted four (4) months prior to the chosen wedding date.
Protestant/Episcopalian/Methodist Church Requirements:
  • Wedding ceremony can be affiliated in the local Protestant/Episcopalian or Methodist churches or anywhere else the couple desires.
  • If married outside of Aruba, copy of marriage certificate from their home country.
  • Proper attire is required for all "religious blessings"(i.e.: no swimsuits or wraps for the bride though shorts are acceptable for the groom.)
The ceremony can be held in a church building, at the host hotel, on the beach, or anywhere the couple prefers. The ceremony fee is US $200, which includes the wedding certificate. Non-Protestants can be married by the Protestant Church. Contact the Protestant Church, Wilhelminastraat 1, Oranjestad. Tel. (297) 582-1435.
Jewish Synagogue Requirements:
  • Both partners must be Jewish and need to submit a verification of Judaism from the Rabbi of their hometown.
  • The Aruban Cantor accepts Jewish status certificates from valid Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Liberal and Re-Constructionist authorities.
  • A formal petition needs to be submitted to the Aruba Jewish Community.
  • The wedding ceremony may take place either in the synagogue or any other venue of choice.
  • The synagogue of Aruba is an independent Conservative Reform Congregation.
The petition to the Aruba Jewish Community should be submitted to the following address: Israelische Gemeente-Bet Israel A. Lacle Blvd. 2,
Box 2, Aruba Tel: (297) 582-3272 Email